Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is Counselling and Psychotherapy? 

These two names are used alternately and have the same value. Counselling and Psychotherapy is a legal name implemented under the Minister of Health, although its status varies between countries. However, the code of ethics stays the same.

Counselling and Psychotherapy is a therapeutic relationship between a psychotherapist and a client. Counselling and Psychotherapy aim to help the client achieve their own goals and get rid of bothersome behaviours and reactions that cause mental deterioration.

  1. What happens during the first counselling session?

During the first meeting, the psychotherapist introduces himself and completes the application form with the client, with personal data, information about the GP and who should be notified in the event of danger or emergency. All information is given with the consent of the client who has access to his documentation on request. Customer information is protected by law under the GDPR procedure Also, during the first appointment which is free of charge, the counsellor will discuss a contract which will be signed between the client and the psychotherapist. 

  1. How long does psychotherapy last?

The first appointment is usually up to 30 mins where the psychotherapist will discuss the counselling contract and clients expectations. Regular psychotherapy sessions last 50 mins. 

  1. How long is the treatment?

Therapy should last at least six weeks but can last much longer, depending on the treatment being used. The therapeutic relationship can be terminated at any time and does not oblige the parties to further cooperation if such a will is for one of the parties. The client is not obliged to attend the therapy if he doesn’t want it, and the therapist may be forced to discontinue the therapy due to personal reasons or code of ethics. Both parties are obliged to inform in advance about the will.

  1. Is counselling and psychotherapy free? 

The first appointment is usually free, and next will be a cost of €50.00

  1. Which language I can use in my counselling session?

I speak both Polish and English languages and it is your choice which one you like to use. 

  1. Are the counselling and psychotherapy confidential?

Yes it is but it has limitations according to code of ethics and restriction of law. For instance, if you or someone who you know is in danger, the counsellor is obligated to inform the Gardai or adequate governance about your disclosure. Same obligations are related in cases of child abuse and any vulnerable person. 

  1. Can I cancel a session if I need to? 

Yes, always you can cancel or postpone a session. The general rule is 24hrs before booking appointments. In other situations, non-attendence will be charged at 50% of the full price.